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DCL provides the experience, the capability, coupled with the highest safety and quality performance to undertake a broad array of projects from vessel internal tank coatings to New Build, Navy and Oil & Gas projects to FSO/ FPSO and FLNG conversions and tank farm refurbishment.

The company was the first in the region to obtain the SSPC QP-1 Accreditation and has vast manpower experience with Nace/ FROSIO and SSPC certified employees.

DCL can undertake projects with a blasting capability in excess of 100,000M2 per month and can complete all projects to tight programs, minimizing downtime for owners and clients whilst providing the reassurance that required standards have been met.

The company is divided into Departments each tasked with specific duties enabling high specialization. These Departments are broadly divided as follows:

Cleaning Department – Tasked with degreasing and HP Washing of all surfaces. This is a vital aspect as it allows removal of surface contaminants prior to abrasive blasting and also a reduction of any chlorides present in the steel which could affect the longevity of the coating system. The Cleaning Department is also tasked with spent abrasive removal which is accomplished with multiple high volume vacuum recovery units.

Blasting Department – Tasked with conducting all the abrasive blasting operations. Each member of the Department is trained and experienced with producing the required standard as listed below:

Various actions are followed to ensure that even the hardest to reach areas are tackled which generally is where most coating breakdown occurs. The capability of the DCL Blasting Department is often highlighted by the satisfaction of returning clients for additional projects.

Painting Department – One of the smallest department however equal in all aspects to the others. Highly trained and capable of applying all coatings from Organic/ Inorganic Zincs, to Phenolics, Epoxies and many more. Trained and certified and approved by all the major paint/ coating companies.

The ability of the Painting Department to meet required WFT/ DFT consistently allows clients the reassurance that the finished product is to the highest standards.

Quality Control Department – Each member of the QC Department has many years experience in field of Surface Preparation and coatings. Many have worked through the other departments of DCL and have gained invaluable experience. This is augmented with certification by either Nace, FROSIO of SSPC. Highly trained and highly motivated to ensure each project is delivered to the required standard. The QC Department is a standalone department from the Production to ensure impartiality. This is required by the DCL SSPC-QP1 Quality Management System.

Maintenance Department – Ensuring that all the equipment is running at peak performance and often for days or weeks at a time is the responsibility of the DCL Maintenance Department. This includes equipment calibration by 3rd parties ensuring reliability to the task and giving client the assurances that all plant is working at peak performance. The complexities and the volume of equipment available with DCL require highly trained and experienced personnel able to manage an exhaustive preventative maintenance program.

Support Teams – These smaller Departments include Stores, Rigging and Training. Of particular note is the Training Department which is certified by SSPC. This provides DCL with the enviable position of being able to mobilize experienced and certified personnel in every facet of the works leading to reassurances for the client that works will also be conducted to the highest possible safety standards.