Can DCL work on projects anywhere in the Region?

DCL has the ability, experience and capabilities to work on a broad range of projects anywhere in the region.


Would DCL recommend blasting of large storage tanks in one go or in sections like most other companies?

It is always recommended to complete blasting areas, large or small in one go in part to minimize any contamination between coats. This firstly provides a shortened project duration and less downtime to the client and more importantly ensures a quality project. Many companies complete these works in sections due to the inability to maintain suitable climatic conditions provided by De-Humidifiers.

DCL can easily complete projects in excess of 30,000M2 whilst maintaining climatic conditions to hold even an Sa 2.5 standard.


Will DCL provide a warranty for their work?

As is generally standard in the coating application industry the warranties are provided by the paint supplier who assigns Coating Inspectors to monitor all application works. DCL can provide reassurance to clients that works will be completed in accordance with the paint manufactures requirements. It is additionally supported by the necessity of DCL to maintain standards in line with its SSPC QP-1 Quality Management System and reaffirmed by in-house SSPC, Nace and FROSIO certified QA/QC Dept.


I am not sure how to identify the work scope. Can DCL help in this?

In conjunction with the Client and Paint Supplier Representative, DCL can provide assistance in identifying requirements and advise required processes. DCL works closely with all Paint Suppliers and has over the years built a solid reputation for unbiased and accurate reporting.


Our vessel has Phenolic Epoxy applied however we have noticed scattered breakdown. Can it be spot blasted and recoated?

It is also advisable to consult the Paint Manufacturer as they would be the ones to provide all warranties. Generally speaking it is not advisable as it could lead to more problems later due to over blast and over thickness on surrounding areas.


Do you follow a permit to work system?

Yes. It is imperative to do so. DCL has a dedicated Safety Dept which conducts all Risk Assessments, Tool Box Talks and ensures compliance to minimize risk. This includes a permit to work system.